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Consisting of 3 models ranging from 8ppm to 50ppm, the 3000A Series Multiproduct Calibrator provides a solution for your laboratory workload requirements.

Three Models: (i) 3050A (50PPM), (ii) 3041A (25PPM) & (iii) 3010A (8PPM)

The 3000A Series multiproduct calibrators have been designed to help you and your business, allowing a wide range of calibration work to be performed quickly, accurately and economically. Modern calibration is a competitive market, and cost effective equipment and software are key considerations.

The 3000A Series calibrators offer the widest workload coverage of any calibrationsystem presently available. The unique concept of external calibration adapters, combined with built-in measurement capability, dramatically extends the range of instruments that can be cost-effectively calibrated.

The 3000 series offers the widest workload coverage of any multi-product calibrator, with the ability to calibrate 18 types of instrument. It has the power to drive older analogue instruments alongside the accuracy to calibrate modern digital instruments.

The 3000 series features three models designed to suit every budget and accuracy requirement, and with a wide range of options that allow your calibrator to be tailored to meet your needs, the 3000 series is expandable for future needs.

Automate calibration with Procal - the world's easiest to use multi-discipline calibration software for maximum calibration throughput.


 AC/DC Volts to 1025V

 AC/DC Current to 30 Amps (20Amps for 3050A)

 AC/DC Current to 1500 Amps with 50 Turn Clamp coil Adapter

 2 and 4 Wire Resistance to 1GΩ (10 MΩ for 3050A)

 Capacitance, Inductance,Logic Level Frequency,Mark Space Ratio,

 PT100 resistance Simulation (Option) / ƒ RTD Simulation active (Option)

 Thermocouple Simulation (°C & °F)

 DDS Power / Harmonics (Internal Option)

 250/350/600MHz Oscilloscope Calibration (Internal Option)

 RS232 Serial Interface ƒ GPIB (IEEE488) Interface Option

 Extendable Range Of Adaptors via the Adapter Interface

3000A Series Precision Multiproduct Calibrator:

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