Satishkumar Balasubramanian elaborates upon open, interoperable, and secure process automation architecture for industrial control systems.

The zeal to disrupt Industrial Automation world seems to get closer to realisation. Whatever ExxonMobil listed as issues with current DCS architectures and the wish to have an open interoperable standards based secure automation system gained momentum across end-user community as well as technology companies that were waiting for an opportunity to tap into the conservative IA world! Open Group's Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) has provided a platform for all these people, including current DCS vendors who are forced to change and retain the market share to arrive at the holistic goal of "open interoperable standards based secure automation system". The Business Guide is published and covers the business scenarios calling for Open Automation. Darren Blue (Intel) and Eugene Tung (Merck) have shared their views on the thought process behind the Business Guide while participating as principle authors of the Business Guide.