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Interoperability zone can be defined as a technical space where products from different suppliers and types communicate between each other and operate as per the control logics defined by the process. All products in such communications should essentially be ‘Digital’ and follow same or convertible protocols.

Fieldcomm’ leading this philosophy is an amalgamation of Hart, Wireless Hart & Foundation Fieldbus and work on FDI protocol, which has been developed by combining EDDL & FDT-DTM protocols.


Profibus also make inter-operable solutions using different suppliers and types of devices. OPC, Ethernet, OWA. APL etc also fall into contributing technologies, which can showcase inter-operable solutions/products.


In short, inter-operability zone is to show-case Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation using different products from different suppliers, but interconnected and inter-active as required by the process.

It is essentially technology-driven and NOT vendor-driven. Customer, in this case, is able to own Vendor independent and scalable systems for their plants.


All Companies into Digital Devices, Interface components, Protocols and Communication / Bus technologies, IT and integration can be part of this zone.


8 kiosks

INR 45,000 per kiosk + + 18% GST for exhibitors and INR 85,000 + 18% GST for non-exhibitors



Display area with a TV unit and storage area with an Internet connection and 1 plug point. 

  • Kiosks as shown in the image with  Display area with lockable Cabinet

  • Two chairs  and Internet connectivity in the zone

  • No Set-up time, only laptop and products to be set

  • Meeting area for 4 persons



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