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Interoperability Seminar
17th August 2022

The world is getting smaller and smaller as more people connect with one another over networked computerized systems. Enhanced connections speed up reaction times as people can communicate more easily, but there are also gains being made as various software and computer systems link up with one another for automated data sharing.

With so many complex systems being networked together, issues of interoperability should be on the minds of people working in all types of industries, with healthcare being no exception.

Interoperability refers to the basic ability of computerized systems to connect and communicate with one another readily, even if they were developed by widely different manufacturers in different industries. Being able to exchange information between applications, databases, and other computer systems is crucial for the modern economy.

There will be a 75 minute Interoperability Talk by three presenters who will talk on three different technologies


Open Process Automation (OPAS) by Mr Divang Shah, of Reliance Industries Ltd

Namur  by Mr Valmik of Phoenix Contact Ltd

Wireless Hart by Mr Harish Wadhwa of Fieldcomm

Registration to attend this talk show. Entry is free and registration is mandatory

Speakers for the Interoperability Seminar


Mr.Divyang Shah

 Group Head- Instrument  Reliability In center of Excellence Reliance Industries Ltd 

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Mr. Harish Wadhwa

Fieldcomm Group


Mr. Mr. Valmik Suryavanshi

Business Unit Head-Analytical


Axis Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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Meet our speaker at the Automation Expo 2022


Divyang Shah



Divyang holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Instrumentation & Control and has 29 years of experience. He has been with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) since 1995.  In 2014 he moved to the Center of Excellence in Mumbai and is responsible for Reliability Engineering and Asset Management of Control systems, Rotary controls, OT Cybersecurity functions. He is leading team for evaluating, testing and implementing new technologies including Open Process Automation System.  Divyang’s activities include publishing Cyber Security internal standards, FMEA reports, BMPs and driving implementation of them. He is also engaged in digitization projects,  managing obsolescence of control systems, upgrades, and resolving reliability issues across all RIL sites (Refinery, Petrochemical, and Polyester).


The OPA Forum has moved quickly towards establishing the framework for an open, interoperable, secure, standards-based automation architecture.  The benefits are easier upgradeability, interoperability, portability of applications, lowering the barrier for entry for new players, and allowing for greater innovation.  This architecture will provide both configuration and application portability across components from different suppliers, thereby reducing system capital cost and total cost of ownership.


An overview of the end user pain points with respect to current OT systems, how OPAS is going to help overcome all these pain points for both green field and brown field projects will be shared. Reliance’s OPA status update and progress made so far will also be shared along with the efforts put in by different well known end user companies to make OPA success.  

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