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Industrie 4.0 is definitely a revolutionary approach to manufacturing techniques. The concept will push global manufacturers to a new level of optimization and productivity. Not only that, but customers will also enjoy a new level of personally customized products that may have never been available before. The fourth industrial revolution takes the automation of manufacturing processes to a new level by introducing customized and flexible mass production technologies. Industrie 4.0 will truly revolutionize the way manufacturing processes work. Industrie 4.0 has a lot to promise when it comes to revenues, investment, and technological advancements.

This means that machines will operate independently, or cooperate with humans in creating a customer-oriented production field that constantly works on maintaining itself. The machine rather becomes an independent entity that is able to collect data, analyze it, and advise upon it. This becomes possible by introducing self-optimization, self-cognition, and self-customization into the industry. The manufacturers will be able to communicate with computers rather than operate them. Industry 4.0 might be the peak of technological advancement in manufacturing, but it still sounds as if machines are taking over the industry.

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This year again we have Industrie 4.0 zone with more participants who will showcase their solutions in their kiosks and also be making presentations talking about the products and technologies. This will help you in Industrie 4.0 implementation in your organization.


B&R Industrial Automation Pvt Ltd                                                       Beckhoff Automation Pvt Ltd

Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd                                                             Pepperl & Fuchs India Pvt Ltd

Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd                                                              Pilz India Pvt Ltd

Protocol Automation Renu Electronics Pvt. Ltd                                 Techport Solutions

Trio Motion Technology India Pvt Ltd                                                   Turck India Automation Pvt Ltd

Zoho Corporation


16 Kiosks

INR 40,000 per kiosk + 18% GST for exhibitors and INR 80,000 + 18% GST per kiosk for non-exhibitors



Display area with a TV unit and storage area with an Internet connection and 1 plug point. 

Each company will get 1 presentation slot of 45 minutes. Topic to be informed in advance. Each exhibitor in the zone can make technical presentations, Topics to be informed in advance
This is free entry subject to registration with a maximum capacity of 30 delegates.