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The industry 4.0 market is projected to grow from USD 64.9 billion in 2021 to USD 165.5 billion by 2026; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.6% from 2021 to 2026. The key factors fueling the growth of the industry 4.0 market include rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing sector, increasing demand for industrial robots in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing sector, rising government investments in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and growing adoption of blockchain technology in manufacturing industry. Additionally, increasing application of AI and IoT in medical wearables is expected to create a growth opportunity for the industry 4.0 market.

The increasing adoption of robotics in the manufacturing sector in China, Japan, and India is among the major factors leading to the growth of the Industry 4.0 market in APAC. Low production cost in APAC countries enables market players to set up manufacturing facilities in this region. APAC is also one of the fastest-growing regions in this market due to the continuous technological advancements, financial support from governments in the region, and extensive industrial base, with Japan and China being the major contributors.

Industry 4.0 enables increased operational efficiency and self-managing production methods, thus enabling humans, equipment, machines, and logistics and supply chain management systems to be interconnected and collaborate. Information and communication technology, which is an integral part of industry 4.0, uses multiple network components and communication protocols for centralized machine supervision and semi-automated/automated decision making, resulting in decreased downtime. Also, industry 4.0 allows for automatic process tracking and tracing and faster batch changeovers leading to improved productivity.


Industrie 4.0 will truly revolutionize the way manufacturing processes work. Industrie 4.0 has a lot to promise when it comes to revenues, investment, and technological advancements.

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This year again we have Industrie 4.0 zone with more participants who will showcase their solutions in their kiosks and also be making presentations talking about the products and technologies. This will help you in Industrie 4.0 implementation in your organization.


B&R Industrial Automation Pvt Ltd                                                       Beckhoff Automation Pvt Ltd

Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd                                                             Pepperl & Fuchs India Pvt Ltd

Phoenix Contact (India) Pvt Ltd                                                              Pilz India Pvt Ltd

Protocol Automation Renu Electronics Pvt. Ltd                                 Techport Solutions

Trio Motion Technology India Pvt Ltd                                                   Turck India Automation Pvt Ltd

Zoho Corporation


16 Kiosks

INR 45,000 per kiosk + 18% GST for exhibitors and INR 80,000 + 18% GST per kiosk for non-exhibitors



Display area with a TV unit and storage area with an Internet connection and 1 plug point. 

Each company will get 1 presentation slot of 45 minutes. Topic to be informed in advance. Each exhibitor in the zone can make technical presentations, Topics to be informed in advance
This is free entry subject to registration with a maximum capacity of 30 delegates.