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AUG 23


Elevate your experience at Automation Expo 2023 by joining us for an exclusive Expert Talk on the Future of Automation promises transformation and innovation.

Our distinguished Expert Speaker will lead engaging discussions on the future of Automation, covering an array of topics ranging from emerging technologies to unprecedented business opportunities. Gain insights from their wealth of experience, tackling challenges and celebrating successes, fostering a culture of perpetual learning.

This event isn't just about networking—it's about unlocking new horizons. Discover fresh business prospects, forge strategic partnerships, nurture collaborations, and cultivate alliances that can reshape your business landscape.

Expert Speaker

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Rajashree Rao

Founder CEO - Techutzpah Consulting
MD - Mythistical Foundation

With an indomitable spirit and over two decades dedicated to shaping the future of global behemoths like IBM, Intel, and SAP, Rajashree Rao stands as a true visionary powerhouse. Her meteoric rise culminated in her prestigious role as Vice President for AI Innovation Hub (APAC) at the illustrious Rolls Royce.


A true maestro in emerging technologies, including AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Smart Cities, Rajashree's expertise knows no bounds. Her insights, immortalized in authored books, underscore her prowess as a prolific writer. Rajashree's influence extends far and wide. Ranked among the Top 100 B2B women leaders, she's a beacon worth following. As one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in Emerging Technologies, her innovative ideas shape our ever-evolving world. Beyond technology, she's an unwavering force combating climate change through sustainable innovation.

Rajashree's magnetic presence and riveting talks have made her the most coveted speaker in the industry, captivating audiences with her passion for Sustainable Innovation and emerging technologies.

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