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Shridhan Automation Pvt. Ltd.



About the Company

SHRIDHAN Automation, India specializes in manufacturing field instrumentation for highly critical applications, including necessary product and system approvals to support a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, onshore, power, steel, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverages, marine and mining. With a global sales and marketing reach covering the Middle East, USA, Northern Europe and Far East, Shridhan has diverse sales and representative offices.

The company boasts a team of qualified engineers, technicians, and highly experienced employees, forming a superior solution provider to meet application needs. Shridhan believes that continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction starts with close analysis of customer requirements and continuous innovation that consistently performs well in the market with an excellent product range and support.

In the last decade, Shridhan has expanded its global reach with its subsidiary in the Middle East and gradually implemented expanding its product manufacturing facilities globally, which has led to enlarging its customer base around the world. The company strives to be one of the most reputed brands in field instrumentation worldwide in the coming years.


Magnetic Level Indicators, External Chambers and Magnetic Bridle Indicators

Diaphragm Seals

Control Panels

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