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PCB Power Market



About the Company

PCB Power Market is building a brand with the goal of becoming an institution. We understand that institutions are built on principles that guide their operations and connections with people both inside and outside their circle. At PCB Power Market, we operate on three key principles: we bring together all components according to your specific needs, no matter how small, complex or idiosyncratic they may be; we have something for all use cases; and we offer comprehensive PCB services under one roof.

Our years of innovation, design, engineering, and manufacturing experience are available to provide you with outstanding products and end-to-end solutions. We offer a range of services, including PCB layout, fabrication, stencil, component sourcing, and assembly. Additionally, we provide individual components such as capacitors, connectors, headers, displays, development platforms, microphones, power supplies, transformers, soldering solutions, cables, enclosures, and LED lamps.

We have partnered with leading players in various industries, including Aerospace & Defence, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Railways, Medical, IoT, Consumer, and Industrial Electronics. Our industrial expertise allows us to understand the intricacies of these industries and deliver the best solutions for your needs.


PCB Fabrication:

Turnkey Service:

PCB Stencil Fabrication:

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