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InTouch Systems Pvt. Ltd



About the Company

InTouch is a Bangalore, India based IT company with offices in Pune and Mumbai; our global footprint spans across US, Sweden, Middle East and UK. Key focus is on ‘Digital Manufacturing’. InTouch was set up in 1999, as a product driven IT company by people with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience along with software programming knowledge. We are now over 50 people strong. InTouch started developing MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in 2001 itself with a clear focus to Transform the manufacturing operation in Medium/Large scale companies in diverse industries viz. Automotive, Aerospace, Metals- Forging and Forming, Industrial Products, Consumer Products, High Tech. etc.

Our main offerings are:

SOFTWARE IcSoft -ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

IcSoft -MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) - Smart Manufacturing

IcSoft -Paperless Factory is a platform for implementing end-to-end Digital Manufacturing solution leading to Industry. The solution consists of MES (Manufacturing Execution System), Digitization and M2M communication.


Defining roadmap or strategy for Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 Implementing IcSoft -ERP and IcSoft -MES or Paperless Factory Note: Hardware required for the above is supplied through our eco-system partners.


IcSoft ERP

IcSoft MES

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