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Flui-Tec Instruments & Controls



About the Company

Fluitec is a now 25 years, we were at its inception providing only Quality process automation products. Now we have stepped ourselves several NOTCHES thereby delivering not only Quality products also providing a Quality Solution accompanied by Qualified Engineering Support. These 3Q’s namely Quality Products, Quality Solution & Qualified Engineering Support is NOW a Back bone to several Engineering / Product / Process companies whose products quality is Enhanced due to our presence in all its 3 forms. So here we are showcasing our products. Come to our Hall 1 Stall E-14. Let us discuss how we can enhance the quality of anything you make & prove our association worthy & Value the same for years to come. We have a reputation of having introduced many Worldwide manufacturers to the Indian Market. We provide the 3Q touch to these Foreign & Indian brands. Let us remember it is NOT the Brand which makes your success. It is the right product for the right Application & with the Right set of experience. Along the way we have developed several foreign products Indigenously to suit the Indian Industry requirements. Which in its way has paved us to move towards the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign. This way we have a broad spectrum of Happy customers.


Radar Level Transmitter – Contact type

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter & Pressure Transmitter

Oval Gear / Positive Displacement Flow meter

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