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Cogent Tech Solutions



About the Company

Cogent Tech Solutions provides engineering solutions & consulting services in the field of IIoT, Control & Automation, Instrumentation & Panel building with integration of complete systems. We are the authorised Distributors for Weidmuller Products & Solutions, ORing Ethernet Switches,Eaton MTL and Teltonika Networks Products.

Our experience in these fields has allowed us to leverage emerging technologies to address complex challenges, create innovative solutions, and drive business growth. Through our work, we have witnessed the evolution of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML) and their impact on various industries. Our work in the Machinery segment has enabled us to design and develop automated systems that improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. We have worked on projects that range from automated assembly lines to robotic solutions that automate manual tasks, reducing human error and improving precision. In the Automotive segment, we have implemented solutions that enhance the performance, safety, and sustainability of vehicles. Our experience in IoT and ML has allowed us to develop intelligent systems that optimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and improve driver safety. In the Oil & Gas segment, we have designed and implemented solutions that improve exploration, production, and distribution. Our expertise in IoT and ML has enabled us to develop systems that monitor the performance of oil rigs, pipelines, and storage facilities, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. In the Renewable Energy segment, we have implemented solutions that improve the efficiency and reliability of wind turbines and solar panels. Our expertise in IoT and ML has enabled us to develop systems that optimise the performance of renewable energy systems, reducing costs and improving sustainability.


Weidmueller u-Remote

Teltonika / Oring Industrial Routers and Switches

MTL Signal Isolators

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