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Bettinelli Automation Components Pvt Ltd.



About the Company

SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR AUTOMATION NEEDS Equipment for: AUTOMATION – ASSEMBLY - MANUFACTURING Established in 1953, Bettinelli, S.p.A. has been the leading designer and manufacturer of precision motion control components and systems for automated manufacturing machinery. In 1996, CDS – Cam Driven Systems was established to better support our customers’ needs for engineering solutions in automation and motion technology. CDS produces the widest range of mechanical cam driven products for precision motion control applications requiring rotary or linear transfer, positioning and handling. Our product line includes cam indexing and servo-driven tables, ring positioning drives, intermittent and oscillating drives with parallel or right-angle configuration, rotary & linear part handlers, precision link transfer systems, and epicycloidal servo reducers. CDS’s experienced engineering team collaborates with our customers’ engineering departments to design and customize a solution to meet their unique specifications. Our engineers are involved throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure that all customers’ requirements are fulfilled throughout all phases of production. To ensure and provide the best possible quality, our components are machined in-house on 5 axis CNC machining centres. Cams are hardened in accordance with our proprietary, NC controlled, induction hardening equipment. Nickel plating, sand blasting, and painting of products are also handled in-house, which reduces handling and shortens lead-time. All products are inspected utilizing our Zeiss CMM equipment to ensure the highest accuracy and most consistent quality results. Currently, CDS – Cam Driven Systems, has corporate offices in Europe (Italy and Germany), North America (NJ, USA) and India (Pune), in addition to international sales representatives and distributors around the world.





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