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Agility Elektrotekniks Pvt. Ltd



About the Company

Agility Elektrotekniks Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 and its principal business activities comprises distribution of electronic & electrical components, electronics manufacturing services and assembling of cables & electrical control boxes / panels etc. Agility is now one of key franchised partner as electrical & electronic components distributor of premium manufacturers for electrical & electronic connectors, electro-mechanical & solid state relays, switches, push buttons, cables, cable glands, tools, enclosures and wire management systems. Agility has its own relay interface modules & electronic device manufacturing facilities along with cable assembly & assembly of control boxes/panels and is offering customer-specific, high-quality solutions. Vision: To empower the manufacturing industries with reliable and state of the technology in Electrical and Electronic solutions. Mission: · To provide quality product and service globally to meet the competitive edge in electrical and electronic world. · To create a healthy business relationship with our supplier and team as well to meet the challenges to convert them into opportunity for all. · To follow environment safety norms and contribute to society for its betterment.


Emergency Stop Button(IDEC)- IDEC

Interface relay Module (Agility):

SMPS( Omron Automation)

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