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TOYO Established in 2000,we have over 20 years of experience specializing in the development

of professional miniature robots.In the last few years, we have been engaging

to invest resources to the industrial circles,intent to connect with the ambitious mission of industry 4.0.

Toyo Automation Co., Ltd has a fully intergraded manufacturing process, include Linear actuator module, Servo Cylinders, Electric Grippers, Desktop Robots, Automated Guided Vehicles. We have developed numerous core products in the automation equipment.

More importantly, we have mastered in the research and development process of the core components in the last decade, and are able to reduce the production costs, as well as realizing the goal of miniaturization and diversity.

In Linear motion products, the most Important core component is the linear guide-rails. Our self-developed track embedded Guide-rail (Built-in) structure, Greatly improves the rigidity and performance of the product. And makes installation and maintenance more convenient for the customers.

In the current market competition, TOYO will continue to invest more resources, In product development and innovation.

In the meantime, we will simultaneously strengthen production management and sales services to meet the needs from the configurations of customers.

We are the first to build a cleanroom products in the industry. and produced the Clean Room Type series used for the semiconductor industry, to meet the standards of semiconductor equipment.

We insist on our detailed design to high-standard quality control and we can deliver to customers with high satisfaction under our attitude of excellence.

Now, TOYO's products use in major industries around the world.

We will continue to develop more high-quality products and look forward to growing with our customers.

"Discovering needs" and "proactively changing" have always been our original Motto.

We hope that in the future automation industries can make our life better and convenient

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Metravi Pro RMTi-1 Rotating Machine Tester with Thermal Imager - 2_edited.jpg

Deskop Robots

Metravi Pro RMTi-1 Rotating Machine Tester with Thermal Imager - 2_edited.jpg

Integrated Linear Bearings Servo Cylinder

Metravi Pro RMTi-1 Rotating Machine Tester with Thermal Imager - 2_edited.jpg

Electric Grippers