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Theta Controls & Systems Pvt. Ltd



Theta Controls & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a single source supplier for all Industrial Automation and Control requirements. Our offerings span the entire gamut from Components - Sensors, Recorders, Controllers, Metering – to Solutions - Test Systems, Customised Control Panels.

We focus on providing Value For Money solutions to customer problems via world-class products and systems.

We provide a range of both products and systems that are manufactured by us or sourced from some of the best manufacturers globally in their respective segments.

• Brainchild Electronic Co/Ltd - A Taiwanese manufacturer having global presence, known for its quality and good workmanship. We represent them for Paperless Recorders, PID / Profile Controllers, HMI.

• JAKI Etherprises Co. Ltd – A Taiwanese company specialized in design and manufacturing of industrial motor soft-start controller and SCR / Thyristor power regulators.

• Autonics - A leading Korean manufacturer of sensors and controllers.

Our belief is in long term partnerships with our customers to best meet their needs and requirements on an ongoing basis

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