Tech Inventa.

Tech Inventa.



We always believe change is evitable and we at Tech Inventa always move forward in pursing new ideas which synergise with vision of our partners to change the world.

Each of our products and services contributes to create new technologies and innovative solutions and ideas for business . Our skilled , knowledgeable and creative employees put these solutions together before customers to create reliable and sustainable platform and thus exceed customer expectations.

Our customers walk confidently as Industry leaders , as we stand poised for them and meet all the challenges for today and tomorrow, we always move forward and that is what we believe In.

Tech Inventa as name suggests we believe in inventions of new ideas for business to grow.

We are an Engineering company diversified in sectors of Mechanical , Electrical , Business Consulting , Environment and Emerging technologies. We are Authorised Distributors for Products and Technologies supplied by Kumera Corporation, Sammi Corporation in field of Mechanical Engineering. Our Environmentally sustainable products from Vaashin and Delphin supports our Mother Earth to revive.

In Pursuit to Invent and keep pace with Emerging technologies trend in Market we developed our technology box which provides Autonomous Navigation services for our customers who can request us to customise for them to mount on their Vehicles which can provide them real time navigation and drive from point A to Point B.

We as Drone- As - A – Service Company , mine information , build efficient analysis and reduce redundancies and provide real time data to our customers using our unmatched nano technologies ,latest and updated Mechatronics , Machine Language and sensing capabilities.

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