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Proud Winner of National Award for the year 2009-10 in R&D: Here at Monad Electronics, we initiate innovation and introduction of new products and advancement on existing products & Solutions. We seek perfection each and every day and ensure our services and solutions meet all international standards. We keep exploring ideas to provide splendid products and solutions.

Founded in 1998, We have been working with renowned industries all over the globe providing them quality products and prompt delivery at competitive prices.

We proud of our indigenous Design and Development of

# High Accuracy and High Temperature Load cells

# Multi Axial Load Cells

# Solid Flow meters, Miniature Load cells

# Digital Telemetry Torque Sensors

# Piezoelectric Force Transducers

We are manufacturer and exporter of transducers & sensors based on Strain Gauge, Piezoresistive, Piezoelectric principles like Force transducers, Torque Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, Load cells and instrumentation products & systems based on these.

Our real-world experience, deep technology understanding and commitment are key elements that ensure the success of our products & Solutions.

Our commitment to quality and service has gratifying results; our products satisfy diverse and quality conscious prominent markets globally.

With our top-quality products backed up by strong logistic support Monad electronics truly emerged as a distinguished company accommodating to most quality customers in highly proficient scenario.

We guarantee to provide quality and professional service and solutions.

100% Indigenous Design, Technology and Manufacturing

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