Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK)

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK)


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Founded in 1988, Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) is an Australian based company, which provides in-house designing and manufacturing to the world’s best standards in Fibre Optic Sensing (FOS), Online & Offline Asset Monitoring, Level, Positioning and Flow Measurement technology.

For over 30 years, HAWK has successfully solved difficult liquid and solid applications in a wide range of industries including mining & mineral processing, water supply & wastewater, oil & gas, bulk material handling, chemical, power, cement, pulp & paper and food & beverage.

Typical innovation has been for Thickener Bed Level Monitoring, Flotation Cell Pulp Level and Froth Level Monitoring as well as predictive outcomes for Non-Contact Blocked Chute as examples.

HAWK has won several prestigious awards for their breakthrough technologies. Some of these technologies include FOS, Acoustic Wave, Ultrasonic, Microwave, and Radar. HAWK designs and develops innovative measurement technology that is extremely reliable and accurate, simple to install, easy to operate and offers maximum efficiency.

HAWK is always unbeatable in level, and now unparalleled at FOS. HAWK’s brand new versatile Praetorian FOS System is a world leader in Conveyor Idler Health, Slope & Tailings Monitoring, Pipeline Leakage Detection, Perimeter Security and Rail Network Health. HAWK's Praetorian FOS System provides solutions for large scale asset monitoring including condition monitoring, sensitive/vulnerable asset protection, surveillance and fault detection on a wide range of difficult applications across the gamut of industry that other companies technologies cannot.

HAWK is committed to providing our global customers with solutions that increase the safety of personnel and assets, reduce wastage, improve productivity and grow profitability.

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