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Assured Data Technologies combines the years of experience, insights, and knowledge to the Modern World of Data. Striving to be our customers trusted partner by providing the Right Data Infrastructure, Data Management Technologies, and Solutions, we believe Right Data Infrastructure is the foundational layer for all data analysis, the cornerstone for business value.

We strive to help our clients bridge the gap between technology and industry, through meaningful DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION enabled by the products, technologies and services we offer.

At the Automation Expo 2022, Assured Data Technologies will Demonstrate innovative

Data Duplication systems from U-Reach Inc and Storage Heaven

U-Reach Flash Duplicators

U-Reach USB/USB-HDD Duplicators – Live Demos

U-Reach Combo SD/MicroSD Duplicators, CF/CFAST Duplicators

U-Reach Hard Drive Duplicators IDE/SATA/SAS

U-Reach PCIe NVMe (M.2, U.2) Duplicators

U-Reach CRU HDD Duplicators for the Movie Industry

StorageHeaven LTO Tape Duplicators and LTO Tape Generation Migrators for Banking, Finance

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Assured Data Technologies
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Duplication systems from U-Reach Inc