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Digitalisation is the process of converting material or information into a digital form.

Many businesses are now transitioning online in a bid to streamline the management and day to day running of operations. This particular shift is being powered by a new wave of technology that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to be more strategic and efficient. This trend is set to continue as more businesses understand the benefits of digitalisation and move to capitalise on them.

From storing documents, online-backups, workflow and document management to remote working, the possibilities are almost endless. The process is much faster, more efficient and safer than offline equivalents. The process of automation saves you time, space and most importantly, money.




  • Innovation and technology are playing increasingly valuable roles in boosting performance and sustainable efficiency in mines throughout Africa. Schneider Electric, which has been partnering with mining companies for more than four decades, has built a dedicated Mining, Metals and Minerals (MMM) Division and a digital technology platform that is positively impacting productivity in the mining sector. The Schneider Electric platform is the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled EcoStruxure, also dubbed ‘the next generation of active energy management and automation architecture’, and features open and inter-operable architecture and leverages the latest in digital technologies including cyber-security, analytics, cloud, and mobility, delivering real-time control and operational efficiency.

  • Randstad Malaysia’s latest Workmonitor report has highlighted that 89% or nine in 10 workers in Malaysia are positive that digital technology provides them with new opportunities.​


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