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Conference On Factory Automation

25th August

09:30 AM - 02:00 PM


Conference On Factory Automation on 25th August 2023

Smart factory trends for 2023 are focused on recovery and the "new normal," but they are also building on developments and advances in technology that have been in the works for some time. More opportunities for remote and off-site operational work are becoming popular due to safety, flexibility, and convenience. Even though social distancing is less of a concern, facilities are retaining remote work options and continuing to investigate ways to build greater remote access into their operations, including cloud-based technology, storage, and analysis. With the vast amounts of data used in smart manufacturing, adopting cloud-based solutions has become a necessity, not a luxury. Smart technology will impact the supply chain as well, with interest in reliability, transparency, and flexibility at an all-time high. AI, vendor management software, and blockchain will all play a role in the face of the supply chain, allowing for more accountability and freedom of choice.

With smart technology providing more insight into potential future disruptions to manufacturing, it is still incumbent upon managers and personnel to plan responses to these scenarios. Data visualization, for example, gives manufacturers a more in-depth view of the conditions in their plants as well as industry trends.

Register to attend the conference and learn how to become a smart manufacturer, stay competitive, and boost your efficiency. Explore the value of smart manufacturing to reduce operating and capital costs while increasing profitability. Manufacturers will learn how to harness the benefits of smart technologies and concepts for greater output.

Topics covered in the conference:

  • Robots Future Trends – Technologies

  • Machine Safety

  • Generative AI in Industrial Automation

  • Smart Manufacturing

  • Vision Technologies

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