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Future Automation Ready Webinar Series

New series coming soon

January 21 to March 2021​​

Staying in contact with you is always crucial especially these days. We have  opened up a state-of-the-art channel for meeting you with  our “Future Automation Ready “Webinars. 

Experts will talk on the following topics at regular intervals,  to give fresh impulses for businesses and industries today and in the future.


How to Harness the Digital Transformation in the COVID Era

The COVID pandemic is an unprecedented situation and in general Industry was not prepared to deal with these unusual scenarios.

The COVID pandemic has accelerated digital solutions, specially usage of Augmented reality, virtual reality, remote operations. Another important aspect is to leverage the potential of Data and  it’s a time to evaluate existing working procedures and optimize the whole value chain by using digital technologies. Automation and Digitalization played a vital role in de-risking the business crisis and gaining efficiency and productivity.


It is important to follow an integrated digitalization approach throughout the life cycle of plants, harness the power of digital across the product lifecycle. Process life cycle has different stages which start with conceptualization and ends at operation of plants. Clients start with project conceptualization and configuration studies, feasibility with +/- 30% of cost estimation, government approvals, (DFR) detailed feasibility for +/- 10% cost and licensor evaluation,

 Model the whole thing in the digital world, simulating and solving big mistakes in a digital way, simulate operations. In my opinion it is possible with new age technologies and we as an Industry invest for it. 


This presentation will highlight the trends, opportunities, and learning from COVID, harnessing the digital transformation of COVID era to overcome barriers of Digital transformation. 


Prema Suresh, COO, Director, Technip India Ltd

Dharmender Singhal, Global Head-Technology Digitalization, Haldor Topsoe India Pvt. Ltd

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