How to login to the exhibitor manual ?

You have sent us an email that has to be used as a registered email id , Email with login id and password . Incase you are not able to locate the password sent, kindly email from the registered email id to You have to login at Login id : Type your registered email id Type password

Do I need to submit my stall design?

Companies who have taken bare space only need to submit the stall design, You must upload the design in the exhibitor manual and it will be approved online. Only exhibitors who have their stall type as Bare space in the exhibitor profile can upload the design.

How can I get my participation letter?

You have login into the exhibitor manual and download the participation letter.

How can I get my no-dues letter?

We will upload the non dues letter as soon as you make all payments for stall and other additional requirements are received by us.

What is height of the stall for bare space?

Exhibitors can increase upto 5 Mtrs on the aisle side and backwall can go upto 3 mtrs. Incase you will increase the height of backwall , you can do so 2 mtrs away from backwall.

What is the size of the panel, name fascia size and desk table?

Each Panel Size – 1 m (w) x 2.5 m (h) Fascia size - 1800 cm x 400 cm Desk Table - 1 m L x ½ m W x .760 m H

Can I put my own fascia ?

You can put your own fascia . Incase you want to put your own fascia and do not want to use the existing fascia provided by IED, kindly upload the same in the manual so avoid wastage of time after you take stall possession.This must be intimated to us atleast 10 days prior to the show. In the venue it will take atleast 5 hours to dismantle fascia

What are documents required for stall possession ?

Stall designers who will take possession of the client stall must bring in stall possession letter along with copy of no-due certificates, and along with security deposit if not paid earlier.

Is parking facilities available and is it free?

There are parking facilities in the venue for exhibitors and visitors and this is a pay and park facility.

Is there octroi check at the Entry point into Mumbai?

There is no Octroi for goods for entry/exit into & out of Mumbai. Exhibitors can go the GST portal fill the form to transport the goods to the show.

How can we import our products for the exhibition?

International exhibitors can import goods under ATA Carnet. Kindly contact logistics agent. Is there facilities for material handling at the exhibition Our official freight forwarding logistics agents are Sameer Pandya Siddhartha Logistics Co. Pvt. Ltd., (Exhibition & Events Dept.) 1 & 2, Sushil, 30 Tarun Bharat Society, Chakala, Andheri - East, Mumbai - 400 099, India. Phone : +91-22 - 67300406/ Fax: +91-22-67300416

Is outside food and water allowed?

As per rules of BCEC, no outside food is allowed inside the exhibition halls. NESCO Foods have their food courts, water and food may be purchased from them. Personnel who have health restrictions may bring in their own food provided the food is in containers from their homes. This rule is being imposed by NESCO.

What are facilities available at the exhibition ?

There will be Cafeteria, Security during the days of exhibition and all of IED staff will be available during the construction days on site.

What is part of the package of constructed stall ?

The constructed stalls will have octonorm walls, carpet, name fascia and for every 9 sq meter we will provide 1 Table, 2 chairs, 3 spotlights and 1 plug point of 5 amps and dustbin. The amenities will increase in multiples of 9 sq meters

When will be get possession of our stall A) bare B) constructed?

Exhibitors who have taken bare space will get stall possession on 22.08.2019 at 12.00 noon

Exhibitors who have taken constructed space will get stall possession 23.08.2019 at 2.00 pm

What are is deposit amount to be paid for stall designers?

Rs.20000/- for stalls up to 24 sqm. Rs.30000/- for stalls up to 36 sqm. Rs.40000/- for stalls up to 50 sqm. Rs.50000/- for stalls up to 75 sqm. Rs.60000/- for stalls above 75 sqm.

Can we book our furniture at the exhibition grounds?

Exhibitors are requested to book earlier and get the discounted rates. The vendors charge higher rate for bookings at the venue.

What are the charges for electricity?

The charge for single phase/three phase Rs.5000/- for 1 KW for all days . GST is additional.

Is there security facilities available at the exhibition.

There is no need for security during the exhibition days. During construction days, you can avail of personal security for your stall. Book security services online

What time will we get our exhibitor badges?

You can collect your badges from the registration counter from the 23rd of August 2019 11.00 am onwards

What are the timings for exhibitors?

The exhibitor timing are from 9 am to 6 pm.

What are the Dismantling details?

0n 28th September 2019 the stall should be dismantled by 8 pm, and all scrap should be disposed by 2 .00 am as the hall needs to be handed over by 8.00 am for possession by other exhibition organizers.

When will the exhibitors get exhibitor guide?

On the 26th August 2019, we will start distributing guides to the stalls.

What are the customs procedures for my goods bought for?

Goods can be bought under ATA carnet or TIB

How do I clear my goods from the customs?

This will be done by official freight forwarder appointed for the exhibition in co ordination with MMTC and Customs.(Please note the whole exhibition area itself is a custom bonded area)

Can exhibitors do online booth booking?

Yes you can do an online booth booking

How would Exhibitors apply for the exhibitors badges & other?

Exhibitors Manual will be online form, hence all the services related to the exhibitors would be available in the Online Exhibitors Manual. Request for Exhibitors badges, Extra Furniture & accessories can be done online

What do if there is theft?

You are requested to intimate the organizers immediately with a written complaint to the Police station with details of the theft within an hour of the theft. No verbal complaint will be entertained by the organizers.

What should I do if we lose our passport.

Exhibitors & visitors are requested not to bring their passport to the exhibition grounds and this is as per directives of the Local Police station. Incase of loss of passport, complaint must be made to the local police station Vanrai Police Station Building No. 2, Mhada Vanrai Colony, Goregoan East, Mumbai 400065 Ph:022-26861677/26863134 Are conference paid. The conferences are paid and you can order online. There is a 10% discount offered to exhibitors. We have limited seats.

I want to visit the exhibition. How and when can I apply?

You can register online any time before the show, and free "pre registered badges" will be either sent to you or downloadable upon receipt of your information. To apply for pre-registered badges, click the following link International Visitors can fill the visa form and Invitation letter will be sent to you.

Is there an age restriction to visit the show?

Yes. Those who are under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the show, since this show is for business purpose.

How much is the admission fee for the exhibition?

Admission fee is FREE of charge , but entry is restricted to trade visitors only. Final year Students should visit the show and pre-registration for students is mandatory.

Is a VISA necessary to enter India?

Visa is necessary for a foreigner to enter India. Visa on arrival facility is available for the following nationalities Visa application letter is available on . Under the tab of exhibitors/ visitors under plan your visit

How do I get the venue?

Click the following link and refer to the transport access

How and when can I make a hotel reservation for during the exhibition period?

Hotel information is available on .

How do I get my name on the mailing list for future information?

Register your E-mail for news letter

Is the admission badge valid during the exhibition period?

Ans.Yes. Once you have completed the registration procedures and received your badge on-site, you are free to leave and re-enter the venue during the 4-day exhibition period.

How can I find out more about the exhibitors?

You can find out more on exhibitors via "Exhibitor Directory". Which available for sale.

How can I get in touch with someone regarding a specific events during AUTOMATION 2019?

You can contact us IED Communications Ltd, Ph:91-22-22079567/22073370/992048966

How do I register to attend an event?

Our events each have an online registration system that is usually accessible in the months preceding the start of an event. If you are experiencing problems with the registration system, please contact a member of the event team. Details can be found by visiting the event website and can be found using the event search function.

Do you have apps for your event?

Mobile app is available; Please check on play store

I have a suggestion or complaint. Who should I contact?

You can contact us IED Communications Ltd, Ph:91-22-22079567/22073370/9920489667

There’s a problem with this website, who should I report it to?

IED Communications LTD; Ph:22079567/22073370/9920489667/ |

Where can I find the floorplan for an event?

The floor plan is available on the website at

Where can I find information on our past events?

Once an event has ended we will post the post show report and we will update their information for the next edition. To find information on past events you will need to go the event website and view last 5 years post show report.

Where can I find information on the future events?

Automation Expo 2019 will be held from 25th to 28th September 2019 and Automation Expo 2020 will be held from 9th to 12th September 2020.