Date: 22nd September 2021 | Time:  04.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Topic: Open Process Automation

Open Process Automation has provided a platform for all these people, including current DCS vendors who are forced to change and retain the market share to arrive at the holistic goal of "open interoperable standards-based secure automation system". 


Open Process Automation is an initiative to create a new generation of automation systems with a distinctly different architecture than the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) that are used today for process automation. Because automation applications require ultra-high availability and real-time performance, process automation systems have always been highly proprietary. This is especially true at the controller and process I/O level, and this makes the systems very difficult to update or replace for a number of reasons. 

  • Panelists will include DCS Manufacturers,Association,Consultants,IT,Users

  • Speaker information will follow

  • The invitation is open to CEOs, Vice President, Director, Head of Automation and Instrumentation

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To be successful with a Digital Transformation initiative, traditional SME businesses have to change their mindset to understand that legacy information and data must be converted from a physical hard copy format into a digital format. A new digital skillset is required to enable the Digitalization Process to integrate emerging Digital Technologies into everyday life. The good news is that there are a few successful Digital Transformation stories showing us how digitalization solutions work to target a new generation of digital users. These digital solutions include Uber for ordering taxis, Netflix for media streaming, AirB2B for booking accommodation, Deliveroo for ordering and delivery of meals, etc.


SME businesses don’t have to build their Digital Solutions from ground zero. Some successful Digital Solutions have had a comparative short start-up time to market. The important factor is that these successful companies have gained a clear mindset of their digital audience and understand how to apply the Digitalization Process in their digital solutions.

Past Participants: CEOs, Vice President, Director, Head of Automation and Instrumentation


Dr B. R. Mehta


Reliance Industies Limited

Mr Ganapathirman G

Vice President & GM (India & South East Asian Operations)

ARC  Advisory Group

Mr Anil Bhatia

Managing Director

Emerson Process Management

Mr Rajat Kishore


Managing Director

Schneider Electric ​Systems India Private Limited

Mr Ashish Gharpure
Vice President
Aker Solutions

Mr C. J. Iyer


Executive Director