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IED Communications Ltd is not only the owner of Industrial Automation monthly, but is also the organiser of India’s biggest and Asia’s 2nd largest exhibition for the automation industry – Automation Expo ( Together with the magazine, the organisation has been in the business of promoting the automation industry in India for over nearly 4 decades now and has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the industry in India, first through the Industrial Automation magazine and later the exhibition.

Our First virtual Expo" Automation Expo Connect" was held with over 100 exhibitors participating in the event, with booths from 6 countries in 4 Exhibition Halls with power-packed conferences. The Automation Expo Connect hosted 4 Conferences viz- The Experts talk on the Future of Automation, IIoT Conference, Cybersecurity Conference, and Factory Automation Conclave. For the first time we had 41 Technical Presentations along with 12 Industrie 4.0 Presentations.

A brainchild of Dr M Arokiaswamy, Founder & Managing Director, IED Communications Ltd endeavors to understand and anticipate the needs of the Indian engineering and manufacturing industries and cater to their requirements of a reliable source of quality products and vendors, providing the best solutions, services, products, technology and know-how through its twin properties.

The “Make in India” slogan might be making roars now, but a few visionaries were pioneers of this concept and much ahead of their times. Not only did they believe in the true potential of the motherland but also contributed hugely through uncanny foresight and sheer hard work, to put India on the global map as a market leader.

Dr. M Arokiaswamy, Founder &; Managing Director, IED Communications Ltd., and the brain behind one of the most coveted industrial trade fairs in India – the Automation Expo – is one of the forerunners of this vision. 

With this thought was launched the Automation Exhibition in the year 2002 with a modest number of 157 exhibitors at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai. Started as a biennial show the exhibition turned to an annual extravaganza from 2011 to meet the increasing needs of the industry.

Automation Expo in the biggest expo for the entire South-East Asian Region for showcasing the latest innovations and providing opportunities galore to network with the best of technical minds in the industry. There has been a phenomenal increase in the number and quality of exhibitors as well as visitors from across the globe. Companies from Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany and Italy participate each year to reach out to the Indian market. 


After a gap of two years Automation Expo 2022 came back Bigger Better & Stronger with 433 stalls, 800+ exhibiting companies who displayed their technologies during the four day expo. The unique visitors were 36191 and the total footfall was 40019  along with 1922 students. The expo was power packed with CEO Summit on day 1, IIoT Conference on Day 2, Conference on Building Automation Technology on Day 3 followed by Conference on Automation Technologies for Environment Protection on Day 4.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr M Arokiaswamy,
Founder & Managing Director,
IED Communications Ltd.

Expo 2023

Why we have become Asia’s leading Automation & Instrumentation exhibition?

Decision-makers from around the globe 


2/3rd of our total visitors are decision-makers in their respective organizations.

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Pure Business Objectives

The top goals of all our visitors are to search and learn about the latest trends and advancements, networking, exchange of credentials and generating new business leads.

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Unlimited business opportunities

Automation Expo brings multiple industries together at one common Automation extravaganza.

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Meet your potential

customers directly

Almost a third of all visitors are an international audience who make this exhibition truly global.

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Innovation Race


Wish to learn what the big Automation players are up to? Expand your knowledge base by learning from the best.

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Something to learn for everyone


Almost 80% of the visitors state that they gained valuable insights just by attending 1 day of the exhibition.

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Unmatched Visitor Retention

The continued growth of visitors means retention of current visitors and gaining new visitors each year. 

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Strong support from Institutions


Automation Expo enjoys strong support from the Maharashtra Government. It also co-operates with ministries and official organizations and is supported by all-important industry associations from India and abroad. We also enjoy great relations with Trade Media.

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